18 janvier 2006

Hip Hop Résistance presents: Hip Hop Classics Pt.4

If you're in Paris next Monday, there's a big Hip Hop party that you probably don't want to miss: Hip Hop Classics Pt. 4, organized by the Hip Hop Resistance crew. Check the menu: Souls Of Mischief, Sadat X, Greg Nice, Zion I and DJ Ge-ology.

Back in 2004, Tyler asked DJ Fab and Awer, the two hip hopers who founded HHR, what was their background and what should be expected when you go to a Hip Hop Resistance party. Throwback interview:

Lyrics: Théophile Haumesser

In three years of existence, the Hip Hop Resistance crew brought over 300 acts to Paris and can now be labeled the official purveyors of dope Hip Hop parties. Thanks to HHR, Madlib, Masta Ace or Bahamadia, just to name a few, had the chance to meet their French audience, and left after having performed memorable, if not historic, performances.

Tyler: What can we expect when we go to a Hip Hop Resistance party?
Fab & Awer: You can expect to see a high quality show with a lot of surprises and real performances. What we try to bring is a complete party, meaning that there's always something happening on stage, from the moment people are stepping inside the venue until the end of the show. No time-outs. For us, a good show is when you can actually witness an MC do his thing, somebody who can move the crowd, drop a verse accapella or with the beat, all the things that a real Master of Ceremony is supposed to do.

T.: What was the best show so far?
F. & A.: It's really hard to tell because all the shows we've organized so far were successes, at a level or another. The Bush Babies concert set aside, all the shows have been real intense.

T.: Is there an artist that you'd dream to bring over here?
F. & A.: Since we're talking about dreams, I'd say Biggie.

T.: How do you see the future of music?
F. & A.: The good thing is that, once again, the public really wants to see people performing on stage and not only buy their CD. This way, a lot of artists can continue to make money, even if they don't sell a lot of records. As far as rap in particular, things are starting to get boring, maybe it needs to die altogether, so that it could rise again from its ashes.

Name: Hip Hop Résistance
Members: Awer, DJ Fab & Zoé
Date of birth: june 2001

N.W.A.: Niggaz For Life
Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Public Enemy: Yo! Bum Rush The Show
The Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die
Nas : Illmatic
B.D.P.: Criminal Minded
Redman: Muddy Waters
Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt
A Tribe Called Quest: Midnight Marauders
Ultramagnetic MC’s: Critical Beatdown

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